Ithaca (Ithaki) is one of the seven Greek islands that forms the group of the Ionian Islands. It is a small and beautiful island full of vegetation and forest, olive groves and natural vegetations, like cypress and fur trees, which present a spectacular landscape to tourists.The island is famous for being the island of the mythical Odysseus (Ulysses) whose exploits have been described by the famous Greek lyric poet Homer, in the Odyssey. Ithaca has also inspired many poets and artists, such as the Greek poet Constantine Cavafy who wrote the famous poem Ithaka in 1911.  Every visitor will fall in love with the many charms of the Island.
Vathy is the capital of Ithaca Island, located around a large natural harbor. The harbor presents a captivating view of colourful yachts and boats speckled on the azure sea. The two storied buildings with red tiled roofs, stone pavements and tall bell towers have Venetian architectural elements, obviously inspired by the long western occupation of the island in the medieval times.

Beaches on Ithaca Island are small but they all have relaxing atmosphere. Surrounded by lush greenery and with crystal blue water, the good thing is that some of the beaches in Ithaca can be accessed on foot and almost all are in good distance one from the other. Frikes, Dexa and Agios Ioannis are among the most beautiful and popular beaches on Ithaca Island, however, there are many other small and calm coves waiting to be discovered on this lovely island of the Ionian Sea.


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