Kastellorizo (Megisti) is situated on the southern easternmost part of Greece is a mountainous island and part of the Dodecanese islands. The island's capital, Kastellorizo, where most of the islands inhabitants reside, consists of the Pigadia and Chorafia districts as well as the little picturesque port of Mandraki. Kastellorizo is amphitheatrically built at the feet of a mountain and spreads on all three sides of the gulf.

The picturesque of the scenery upon arrival on the island, cannot be easily described. Painted in impressive colours the two and three storey renovated mansions with their wooden staircases and balconies, make it unrivalled in beauty amongst other islands. The whole island has been proclaimed preservable and it offers the visitor the beauty of an idyllic landscape and the nostalgia of a past glory.
Due to tis geophysical position it was a trade crossroad between Europe, the Middle East and Egypt and generated an important amount of economic and nautical trade.
In ancient times the historic island of Kastellorizo was named Megisti from its first settler Megisteas. The island has been inhabited since the ancient times and this is proved by various findings such as Neolithic tools, tombs, and a gold wreath from the Mycenaean period, inscriptions and other findings. Ruins of the temple of Apollo Megisteas whose worship was spread all over the island and on the neighbouring Asia Minor coastline, was found.

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